You matter

Christine McDougall
1 min readApr 25, 2021

Change is not a solo job. Yet for change to happen you and I need to do our part, consistently, fiercely, lovingly.

To get people to see and experience a different world they first need to realise that the one they are in is partial and incomplete.

At first we do not believe it. “This is the way it is.” “How can you be so crazy to think that?”

But when we all do our part, when we keep speaking up, posting, storytelling, when enough people do that, over time a window of possibility opens where before it was closed.

Whether it is ‘smoking kills’, ‘climate change is real’, ‘capitalism requires poverty to work’, or ‘the world wide caste system diminishes everyone’ change of mind happens when an outlier becomes spoken as normal.

This takes you and me speaking up, speaking out…for a very long time. Not in despair, but with the elegant certainty that we are making a difference. That our voice matters.

Righteousness is not required. Consistency is.

Day by day, one story at a time.

Photo taken April 26th 2021



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