Worry wisely

Christine McDougall
1 min readMar 26


The beauty of perspective is that what was once important pales into insignificance in the light of a greater danger or priority.

When we are caught in the trap of worrying about little things like — what they will think of me, or I look fat in this, or my partner doesn’t do or does do this small thing — we spend our daily energy quotient on these things.

Meanwhile, the world burns. Children still go hungry, decades after the end of hunger campaigns. Climate-based migration increases exponentially. Racism and discrimination of any form of otherness are on the rise. A few powerful men wrap humanity in their claws with monopotechnology.

At the personal level, a small health issue becomes a sliver of worry against a larger one.

We all have the same amount of time daily. We all have a limited amount of energy to spend on worry. If we are to worry about things,

Worry wisely.

Photo Taken March 26th 2023

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