Why do I object to the use of the word free?

Christine McDougall
2 min readJun 17, 2024


In truth Nature’s bounty gifted life to all creatures.

Most creatures take what they need and leave the rest. When this happens, abundance is normal.

Humans take more than they need, ravaging the earth and decimating forests. They abuse the gift.

When we assume something is free, we debase its intrinsic value. For there is always value to be found, expressed in multiple domains. The entanglement of money as the arbiter of value is insidious.

This is free becomes a seduction to the ongoing illusion of no value.

Instead, this has no monetary fee attached states that only the value assigned to money is missing.

When we state that the sunlight is free, we debase the gift of the sun. It is gifted, which is not the same as free.

Language matters.

Your work and time are not free. Ever. When we participate in this charade, we participate in a story about exploitation. We sanction exploitation.

Instead, negotiate an exchange that honours and respects the value of the gift.

Free of monetary price invites a different exchange. Be sure to name clearly what that exchange is.

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