When what you get is not what you expect

It was one of those mornings. Grey sky’s, very light rain, 25C before 5AM. The ocean top as sooth as silk, the water clear and clean.

My surfing has been progressing to the point of standing up way more than falling down. But the break was a little dumpy, so wave choice was critical.

Being on the water in the dawn light with my love is such a magical way to start the day.

Then spotted near. Is that an ocean swimmer (human), or a creature?

Having been a beach babe all my life, and an Aussie, I am not anxious about sharks.

But this was clearly a creature with a very large fin.

Not one, but three.


So we paddled towards them, me laughing with the joy of being so so close to these beautiful creatures. They seemed happy to hear my laughter, and didn’t flinch from our close proximity. (Less than 5 feet away)

Awe. Instant Love. Happiness.

Not what I was expecting and yet so much more.

Nature, its beauty, its marvel. Worth dedicating a human life to preserving. Our fellow creatures, the dolphin, not our inferior. Not a commodity. Not to be dominated.

Will we humans mature enough to respect our fellow creatures as integral to our healthy thriving life? I pray we do before it is too late.

Photo taken December 4th 2020

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