What matters most

Christine McDougall
1 min readMar 22


Knowing what matters most is so clarifying.
For example, at work, delivering service to the customer.
To deliver your best service, and to be a great team or family member, we need to be healthy and well-slept.
When a beloved is ill, attending to them with our singular focus.
Taking time to learn, discover, roam, ideate.
Collectively ensuring we leave the world better than when we arrived.
Intimacy of relationship, deep connection, belonging.
When a culture wants to have us put aside the things that matter most, so we focus on making more profit for a company, or attend another meeting, we need to change the culture.
Entrepreneurs and business creators get the chance to do this, to lead the way.
This is one of the many elements of a Syntropic Enterprise. Creating a culture that is clear about what matters most.

Photo Taken March 23rd 2023

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