What is the business version of the Electric Vehicle?

Many people know our larger global systems are fundamentally no longer fit for purpose.

GDP growth on a finite planet.

The ecological crisis produced by the burning of fossil fuels, and the use of the fossil fuel derivates like plastic.

The political crisis that swings between democracy gone rouge and authoritarianism. Corruption, hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy normal operations.

Health care — or sickness creation and care — for we really do not invest in ‘health care for the overall health of humans.’

Racism, ethnicity, gender, age, religion as an us-and-them divide.

Economics and business as a winner take all, profit maximisation, at any price model.

Social breakdown.

Education stripped of places to learn to be better learners, to understand what it means to be a citizen of Earth, and the community you live in, to make sense of complexity.

Media that uses AI so powerful we do not even know we are the tools for their profit.

Trying to solve any one of these systemic issues without considering the whole of them, the interlinkage of them, is the equivalent of trying to know an elephant through touch, blindfolded, and directed to touch the tail only.

We have a choice. We can try to fix these broken models and systems, or we can create new models that make the existing obsolete.

Do we seek to make the petrol powered car better, or do we turn to the EV?

If you are creating a social enterprise, do you use the petrol car technology and tools, or do you choose to go EV route?

Syntropic World is not seeking to tinker with the petrol car. We are creating the business version of the EV.

Photo taken October 26th 2021

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Committed to supporting those in business who strive to leave the world better. syntropic.world

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Christine McDougall

Christine McDougall

Committed to supporting those in business who strive to leave the world better. syntropic.world

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