What happens when women have power?

Christine McDougall
2 min readMar 28, 2021


We do not know this world, the one where women are true equals in the power equation.

Where women are considered by most people as essential to keeping the polarity in check. To end the lurching from domination and war — war of words, deeds and bullets.

We have no idea how this might play out. Will women become insufferable? Will men be diminished by powerful women?

How will life be when the boys club is not ruling the world?

I for one would like to find out.

I want to know if the counter force to endless divide-to-conquer-to-keep-conquered-keep-divided farce of the last few thousand years might be at least 50% of women holding the power to make decisions at the policy and governance level.

That maybe with women in leadership, women like Jacinda Ardern, where more compassion and genuine empathy are present, men might also find that the story of needing to be the brave, solo, strong, dominant man, might just end and in the ending bring them more happiness.

Where men might find wholehearted joy caring for their children and not just filling the child care gap when the women is not there to do the mothering. Where the parental leave is a shared leave for a whole family.

Where vulnerability is known to be strength, and muscle strength is known to be simply muscle strength and not conflated with a hardened heart.

Where there is a realisation that women in positions of power does not have to mean men get those power positions stollen from them. That indeed, approaching a more equitable balance gives everyone a better life.

And women, how do we manage power? Does it turn us into shrews and tyrants? Do we become bossy boss?

I want to know the answers to these questions. It is about time.

Photo taken March 29th 2021

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