In a world of increasing polarisation, where the propagation of conspiracy, amped up media BS, human issues being advantaged for political gain, bullying as normal, and people flocking to platforms to gain fame as the voice of truth through drama magnified (And while they might believe they are speaking truth delusion is rife and the net of lies thick) we get to choose where we spend our time.

Is the rush of the drama hook feeding some unsatiated righteous tendency? Do we get drunk on the taste of your superiority? Is the web of drama and conspiracy the drug of our addiction?

What brings us alive? This path….or perhaps instead imbibing in beauty, love, grace, connection, deep humanity, the future we know is possible?

At this time in humanities emergence, the increased polarisation will cause explosion. For our future to emerge through the rubble, the tipping point, the incendiary incident that causes the explosion, is close, but forever unknown until it happens.

So while we need those who stir the pot of crazy, who add volumes to the cesspit of polarisation, so that this explosion happens…

What brings you alive?

I and we at Syntropic World have chosen to turn to beauty, love, connection, grace, humility..

To turn from the rabbit hold of increased nasty.

To hold with clear and humble intention the world where Earth and all her creatures are held with love and consideration in all of our actions, designs and purpose.

If this feels aligned to your path then we invite you to join us.

Photo taken September 13th 2020