We must remember, so we never forget

Today is ANZAC day in Australia and New Zealand. This is where we gather to remember those who paid the sacrifice of life and health to fight in wars.

Each year my daughter and I rose before dawn to go down to the beach to listen to the dawn service, remembering those young men and women who found themselves about to step off a boat on the Gallipoli peninsula and walk straight into gun fire.

My pausing to remember has sadness. For the needless loss of young life. For the stupidity that brings anyone to war, be that a war with guns or a war with words.

For those oh-so-young people, their eyes full of excitement and adventure, knowing not the journey that they had signed up to. Soon to be brought hard into a world of horror and fear. To be forever shaped by the spiritual scar of humans darkest side.

If we are to grow up as humanity, anything that ends in throwing innocents into a wall of gun fire (real or metaphorical) must stop. Those who rule sit safely in their fortified palaces, making decisions within a system that says this is what we do.

If we step back and consider this, we might gasp at the sheer foolishness of it. How did we, humans gifted with the greatest exponential technology available, the human mind working together synergistically, arrive here?

Surely it is time we grew up from these childish plays.

We have this one small precious home planet, one Spaceship Earth. It has provided us with an abundance of life sustaining nutrition and resources. Yet we have it divided into about 192 regions, with 192 captains of the spaceship, all competing for the wealth the resources might provide in a capitalist society. Not for the wellbeing of all citizens, but the win lose game of having more than is needed by a few.

This morning my beloved and I rose early and went to the remote beach where we are holidaying, lit a small fire, listened to the ANZAC National service on the radio, and watched as the sun crested the horizon.

We can do better than this. We must remember, so we never forget.

Photo taken April 25th 2021

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