We live in a world of fortune tellers

If you have become king of a story that ends up clearly being demonstrated as not true, at what point if any do you own your own conspiracy and apologise?

This question has been on my mind of late as I watch people build huge platforms off the back of fortune telling.

Our 2020 world is one where in large part we live on the edge of the unknown. We humans have never had this particular virus, so anyone who believes they know it is a fortune teller.

Only now is the story of long COVID becoming apparent, those who have survived the original condition, who are, 7–8 months after recovery, seriously debilitated by this virus. So debilitated that, no matter their age, they are unable to work, to be productive. (One of these people, with whom I am in regular contact, age 29, no prior conditions, is a graduate of Syntropic Masterclass.)

What percentage? We do not yet know…anywhere between 10 and 70 percent.

The hand rigging about closure, about economic cost, has yet to factor in a conservative 10% of recovering patients with long Covid. Today at 42 million.

One of the principles of Syntropic World is that of Synergy. To start with the biggest perspective, the whole systems view. Not just local economy, health care, mental health, but the potential long term costs. Including the mental health and health care costs of millions of people being unable to work, to do anything. To be on a constant treadmill of medical appointments, heart conditions, crippling fatigue.

Add to this being in countries where health care is a for profit industry, or where it is only available for the elite. This global tragedy is so far from being done.

When dealing with the unknown, when only history will speak the story of response and failure to respond well, to profit in anyway from fortune telling shows the character of the fortune teller.

Truly we live in a world of fortune tellers. We might be well advised to stop listening to them, be they the media, where revenue is built on fear and polarity, or the individuals who have found a rabbit hole and revelled in the fruits of its fame.

No one knows. Caution is probably a wise option.

And the answer to my question…in most cases, rare is it for someone to be courageous enough to stand in their own BS story and admit it for what it was.

Photo taken October 26th 2020