Until humanity ends the capture of domination

Christine McDougall
2 min readJun 13, 2024


We are a few years away from millions of people dying in a single heat wave. The temperatures being recorded in highly populated cities are close to uninhabitable.

I wonder what the politicians of the country will say when this happens. I wonder if they will stand the backlash.

I wonder what they will do if they survive the collective rage.

That humanity needs to be brought to its knees before anything changes is a tragedy. That millions of people will probably die from the effects of ignored climate catastrophe will be registered as a single point failure of a system that has got away with egregious actions costing millions or billions of lives for hundreds of years.

The core impulse behind this monstrous system has remained intact for so long. Domination, superiority, patriarchy, tokenism, supremacy, righteousness. All the seed generators of colonisation, racism, dehumanising, the caste system, poverty, degradation of our home planet, extraction to extinction, human trafficking…

Until humanity ends the capture of domination and its associated evils, we will not solve the systemic issues we face.

Of course, the system wants us to be distracted by focusing on re-arranging deck chairs on our sinking Titanic. For when we do this, we ignore changing the underpinning system, and the cycle continues.

It breaks my heart the level of resources and energy spent rearranging the deck chairs.

It breaks my heart to see those committed to a world with a future model the very patterns of behaviour — domination, righteousness and the associated suite of patterns that create colonisation — not even knowing they are.

We must see the truth for what it is. And begin to act accordingly.

Our time is running out.

Photo Taken June 11th 2024



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