Travel changes us

Christine McDougall
1 min readJun 11, 2024


My final day in Europe. The two weeks have been a swirl of places and people, adventures, and experiences.

Meeting people in person for the first time is the absolute highlight. I feel so blessed to be living at a time when I can teach virtually to a global audience, yet nothing replaces physical presence and a hug.

Long conversations with friends, walks and meals together — these times are treasured.

Discovering new places, getting lost and found — this is to adventure.

Being in the embrace of mountains, the air so fresh it feels like your mind and cells are cleansed — as if each inhale and exhale sloughs away the detritus of accumulated ick.

Walking London streets. Each area different, each offering gifts of character and colour. I wonder if the city can ever be wholly known.

Finding artisan bakeries, one of my passions of travel.

Seeking a morning coffee as good as the ones we get at home — is always a challenge.

It has been a beautiful and busy adventure — a rush of culture, language, and interactions for which I feel very blessed.

Travel changes us. It offers us perspective, reflection, discombobulation.

I am better for it.

Photo Taken June 10th 2024



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