Time for a change

It is always a good time for change. Change is life.

Some changes take us through a terrible crucible, where loss, pain, humiliation, devastation or cruelty strip every shred of redundancy from us.

Other changes are delightful, fun and exciting.

I know them both well, as do most of us who have traversed on our Spaceship Earth many times around the sun.

As I embark on a big and exciting change — a new home and a new community to live in — I have friends enduring one of the most horrendous changes you could imagine.

This contrast clarifies my perspective.

Today I am excited, my cells like jumping jacks of anticipation, knowing even through this to love every moment, for the changes life brings are wildly unpredictable.

Happiness is found by embracing it all.

Photo taken September 21st 2022

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Christine McDougall

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