The Daring Ask

Christine McDougall
1 min readJun 30, 2021


In our Syntropic Blue community of practice calls, we have created an opportunity for people to practice the Daring Ask.

What is a Daring Ask?

It is an ask that creates some level of internal butterflies, sweaty palms, vulnerability.

In Syntropic World we work to align the idea we are seeking to manifest, what we call a Source Idea, and its particularly Pattern Integrity, with the Evolutionary Purpose we intend to reach. When these three key elements are aligned and coherent a resonance is created. The resonance can pierce through the fabric of most obstacles.

A Daring Ask becomes a transmission of this resonance.

When our Evolutionary Purpose transcends our own small self and the human inclination to get lost in traps of ‘Not good enough,’ ‘What will they think of me?’ “Too pushy!” “Too salesy!” we can ask for most anything.

A Daring Ask then becomes a transmission. As the steward of the idea we intend to bring to life we hold the ground for its possibility unashamedly.

The Daring Ask penetrates the field and cannot be ignored.

Photo taken July 1st 2021

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