Technology + people

Does technology serve humanity? Or does humanity serve technology?

A tool should be synergistic and syntropic. In other words, by using the tool people should be enriched.

If we take a tech tool and add it into a family, and it has the family become less family, less connected, then the tool is anti-synergistic.

A tool is designed to make our lives more convenient. We might also ask if it makes our lives better. Convenient and better are not the same.

Many of our tech tools have the power of gods. Yet we humans do not have the developmental ability to act as all-loving-all considerate-all-justice seeking gods. Most of our tech tools are in the hands of ill-equipped children, the temper tantrum a nanosecond away.

In our haste to get into the feeding frenzy of the current and emerging tech tools, we forget to return to home base.

Does this serve our purpose? What is the precessional effect — the side effect? Will this bring us closer together? Will it enable an analogue experience as well as a digital experience? Is it syntropic and synergistic?

Deep consideration will not leave us behind. It will ensure we take full responsibility for the application of tech tools and their side effects, short and long term.

Photo taken November 25th 2021

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Christine McDougall

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