Something needs to change

Christine McDougall
1 min readJul 23, 2021

It starts as a small whisper.

Something needs to change.

It tugs at the corners of our busy lives. It will not be silenced.

We try to ignore it.

Then we find ourselves awake at 2:23AM.

The whisper has become a roar.


To what, how?

The answers do not come easily.

Just the certainty that change needs to happen.

There is no particular formula to solving the riddle. Except attending to it. Inquiring into it.

Something needs to change.

Life has taught me that on the other side of change I am more whole.

Today I contemplate change. At some point in our life we know that tinkering with change is a declaration of our fearful selves keeping things neat and tidy.

Sometimes we need the rebel to rise and take change at full throttle.

Neat and tidy, held together, might be better falling apart.

Photo taken July 24th 2021

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