Responsibility and consequence

Christine McDougall
1 min readDec 21, 2020

One week ago Australia was free of community transmission of COVID. Life was pretty normal.

On Wednesday in Sydney two cases were reported. By that afternoon that was 5.

Just as in the state of Victoria earlier in the year, these cases were the result of people, individuals, choosing to break rules and guidelines. The consequences of this is almost everyone in Australia being affected in the week leading to Christmas. Borders closed, the city of Sydney shut down, families unable to travel, holiday plans in disarray, businesses shut.

In Austalia we have watched the wilful selfishness of people around the world who believe that their rights are greater than the wellbeing of the collective whole.

Refusal to wear masks, to distance, to remain home.

In this day and age we want a scapegoat. Preferably a political scapegoat. Scapegoating is a luxury. In our righteousness in pointing the finger at someone else, we avoid looking at our own contribution.

If we are given the responsibility of acting to support the wellbeing of the whole, including ourselves and our families, we would be wise to take it seriously.

Photo taken December 22nd 2020

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