Public Platforms are a choice

In 2015 when I created an event to engage multi-stakeholders of my local community, including three levels of government, it was my first public role.

I was not prepared for the inevitable that comes with any public office. The backlash, trolls, the nasty comments, the overt attacks.

I learned my lesson.

If we put ourselves onto a public platform, be that any of the social media sites, a stage in front of people as a speaker or performer, TV, the press, government, elected officials, CEO’s of publicly listed companies, musicians.. for example, then we must accept the consequences.

Some people might love you, some people might troll you, some people will do all in their power to bring you down.

The public stage is not a place for only adoring fans. That world is fantasy, and even if you achieve that, it will be short lived.

If you want the adoring fans you need to know you are also going to get the haters.

If we choose to use a public platform like Facebook or Instagram, we must accept that we cannot control who views our profile. That is the deal we have made with these seemingly all powerful tech monopolies. Only Facebook can control that, as they have so eagerly proved. That is their model. We agreed to it the moment we signed up.

If we do not like the response we are getting from our audience then we can change the message we are giving and perhaps attract a different audience. But we have zero rights to dictate who is in a public audience. If this really bothers you, choose instead a private platform.

If we have a message to deliver, one we care deeply about, if the message is that important to us and to the world we aspire to we will stay steady and true even as the haters and trolls inflict venom.

The message has to be that big, so big that we transcend the nasty. That speaking out is not optional. It is what we are to do, even when our feeds are filled with the worst of humanity.

We cannot have it both ways. With our rights to a voice we accept the responsibility of the message and how it is received.

Photo taken February 25th 2021

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Committed to supporting those in business who strive to leave the world better.

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Christine McDougall

Christine McDougall

Committed to supporting those in business who strive to leave the world better.

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