Possibility, preparedness, acceptance, present time

To be diagnosed with a terminal condition creates a dilemma.

People have recovered from a terminal diagnosis and gone on to live years and decades beyond the diagnosis.

We must hold a possibility.

The truth is we all die. The time and circumstances are almost always beyond our control.

To be prepared for our own death, to have our personal details in order, to consider those who will be left to manage our affairs, is simply to be wise and respectful, no matter our age or condition.

To accept the current condition as it is, holding possibility for a change, committing to the best opportunity for our wellbeing today and tomorrow, is to take responsibility for our state of being.

To relinquish actions we can take to improve our emotional, physical, spiritual and community wellbeing is to capitulate as passive, powerless victims.

The future for everyone is uncertain, no matter how certain we are. To hold the diagnostic script as certain is to remove the possibility of the uncertain, including the miraculous.

Through all of this, the choice to live in present time, to be infinitely grateful for the blessings of today, for the people around us, the sun on our skin, the sound of birds…

This is to live.

Photo taken June 24th 2014

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