Out of our control

Christine McDougall
2 min readMay 25, 2022

There is more that is out of our control than what we have control over.

Currently my web site is down. This is out of my control.

I am mad as hell about fundamentalist mostly men wanting their rights to guns and woman’s bodies over the lives of children and the care of children after birth. This too is out of my control.

What is in my control is how I respond to both of these circumstances.

With my web site it is a step by step process to get tech support, to trust that it is a resolvable issue.

With the other, it is a process requiring commitment over time. When we capitulate to a sense of powerlessness we adopt powerlessness as our position. In doing so we become victims of the status quo.

I am continued to be amazed that the people in the United States are not on the streets in huge numbers, millions of them, protesting mass shootings as an ‘eye rolling’ event rather than an abomination. I wonder how many people must die for this threshold to be crossed?

People taking to the streets, people protesting, people putting their bodies into activism is the way things change. These are things we can control.

In my part of the world I can control my ability to persistently, relentlessly name little atrocities when they are seemingly innocuous. Not to be pernickety, rather because stepping over the small transgressions enables the path to the big transgressions to become acceptable.

This is our choice. Out of our control is not out of mind or out of our ability to change.

Photo taken May 26th 2022

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