Never forget

Today is a very sacred day in the recent history of Australia and New Zealand. It is the day we remember the lives lost in war, particularly on the Gallipoli Peninsular, as young men were thrown into a terrible situation, not of their choosing, many to die.

We remember all lives lost in so many wars. I go to the beach at Surfers Paradise, as I have done on this day for decades, to watch the dawn and remember those who died for freedom from tyranny, hate and persecution, including those indigenous to this land who lost their own freedom so I could have mine.

This battle ever more present in my mind today than last year as people of Ukraine fight for their country, the aggressor a belligerent bully without care for the horrific consequences of his crazed delusion.

So many wars are blurred lines of power, corruption, greed, hate and ethnic tensions.

It seems stunning that in 2022 we could even contemplate war as a solution to anything. Surely it shows our lack of leadership capability more than it shows any diplomatic skills.

Yet here we are, countries like Australia now returning to the political stand of building a military arsenal, when the only real conversation we might have as Spaceship Earth is complete nuclear disarmament.

War is obsolete. The dangers are far greater in destroying the world wide web and in unleashing biological weapons.

Of course we have the very real danger of our climate, which is already affecting billions of people and producing some of the same political tensions that are reaching a nexus point towards war. Immigration, climate refugees, economic collapse.

Gazing across an ocean stirred crazy by wind, as the dawn arrives, I remember. Those who have been lost. Those who fought and fight. Those who resisted and resist hostile takeover. Those who work so very hard to ensure war is obsolete. Those who continue to stand against the greatest threat of our atmosphere heating beyond the capacity for life.

Never forget. Never take life for granted. Bow in honour of our ancestors every day. Be grateful. Keep up the work towards integrity, beauty, dignity in all things.

Photo taken April 25th 2022

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Committed to supporting those in business who strive to leave the world better.

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Christine McDougall

Committed to supporting those in business who strive to leave the world better.