Living the edge

Christine McDougall
2 min readAug 19, 2021

I have been a pioneer and frontier person my entire life.

As a child, the female nerd. Alone in my room lost in books. Or outdoors in a tree, lost in thought.

Questioning the questions.

Wondering why?

Never afraid to ask. Never afraid of feeling stupid for the asking. Curiosity overwhelming any form of self-protection or preservation.

It is no wonder I was deeply attracted to the work of Buckminster Fuller. This human brave enough to question everything, even the things we have come to believe over decades or generations are the foundation stones of our existence.

Is the earth flat? Does the sun revolve around our planet — the centre of the Universe? Is there such a thing as something so tiny it can cause death and disease in patients — and the simple cure of washing hands and wearing sterile gloves can save lives. These large shifts in worldview are now considered novel, yet we fail to consider we might still be operating under such impossible-to-believe ideas.

Like money creation and flow. Scarcity. Power. Enterprise design. Legal codes. How we account for value. How we make things. What we do with our time. What is our value? Why are we here? How do we coordinate humans to unlock their synergistic potential?

Surely it is time we question these very things?

I love the pioneers. The rebels. The misfits. People like me do not fit into the consensus construct.

Not completely crazy…

…or seized by a fundamentalist view of anything, the sure sign of a fundamentalist fever the inability to consider other ideas or options…the closed mind… making any form of fundamentalism the most dangerous position anyone can occupy..

Yet those who dare to question the questions. To design new models, new maps, new mindsets…my tribe..

Those who believe we can be more comprehensively considerate of everything we do…of the whole Earth, and all her creatures..

This is Syntropic World.

Bold. Visionary. Courageous.

For a world with a future for Earth and all her creatures.

Photo taken August 20th 2021

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