Leadership by proxy

In a representative democracy, we elect leaders we think capable enough to make decisions for us.

Clearly most elected leaders are completely out of their depth, using old models, old technologies and old tools to make decisions that fall in line with an outdated worldview.

Given our technology, we have the capacity to change this form of democracy significantly. We can instigate issues based voting, providing the ability to educate citizens on the issue, giving clear pros and cons, allowing complexity to be taught in an accessible way.

This removes the need for the party based system, instead installing people to carry out the issues voted on.

We can also install blockchain technology to ensure all public funds are accounted for, including money raised to elect leaders.

Leaders who love power more than they love democracy dismiss this type of technology.

Technology might be the solution for many things. Technology never replaces the field of warm data, human capacity to care, love, respect, find nuance, to be able to handle analogue non linear decisions.

In its current form, leadership by proxy has failed us. Syntropic World is a passionate advocate of citizen engagement, never forgetting the power of people to lead change.

Photo taken October 31st 2021

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Christine McDougall

Committed to supporting those in business who strive to leave the world better. syntropic.world