Jumping out of my skin

Sometimes, like today, our excitement bubbles over. I am the fully grown version of a 3-year-old going to get ice cream.

It is a glorious morning. Not too hot, though the heat will arrive. An ocean too flat to surf. Our last weekend in this area before we move to a beautiful sanctuary home.

And a music concert we purchased tickets to over a year ago happening tonight.

I feel blessed to my core.

As I was walking the beach just after 5 AM, the sun already warming my skin, I heard a news feed about Afghanistan. Starvation. Parents feed their children tranquillisers to enable them to sleep through hunger.

The contrast between my life and others is wrenching. I could allow this to have me fall into despair. To feel shame for my luck.
This will not help those people in Afghanistan.

Can I hold incredible bone-deep gratitude for my life while also holding care and compassion for others? This holding of polarities is what tensegrity means. Am I able to fill my working days with actions that might make a difference? Not today, for the changes we need are deep-rooted and I am focused on large scale systems change.

I am going to embrace this moment, the joy I feel. And on Monday, I will return to the work I love, towards a world with a future for Earth and all her creatures.

Photo taken November 26th 2022

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Christine McDougall

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