How did we reduce the gorgeous capacity, capability, ingenuity, unique Pattern Integrity of humans to wage liabilities?

How did we become a number lost in a million other numbers in the measure of our national or global economic success?

Anyone who has worked with a team of people synergistically knows the exponential power of people working together for a purpose they care about.

And many of us have experienced the generous spirit that connects people to each other to unleash a synergistic response, where the person sensing the synergistic potential of the introduction is not honoured somewhere for the value of that sensing.

When we fail to account for the unmeasurable, weightless contributions of humans, we fail in the same breath to design economies, care of our home, that actually do care for our home and all her creatures.

Wealth is not the stuff you have on a bank balance sheet. Nor the number of physical assets you own.

True wealth is our ability to provide an increased wellbeing for more people into the future. Wellbeing = Access, happiness, health, connection, community, choice.

Like love, joy, generosity, kindness, laughter…the more wealth of this kind, the more wealth is generated. Not scarce. Syntropic.

Is this a mind warp? Yes. A necessary one if we want a world with a future.

Photo taken June 4th, 2020

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