In gratitude

Christine McDougall
2 min readMar 30, 2022


On this day as the dawn crested the horizon of the Pacific Ocean a group of humans were closing out the first Syntropic Global 24 hour summit.

My partner and love, Tony, unbeknown to me as I held the space for the closing ceremony, had disappeared to the beach to record the sunrise live to those gathered from across the world.

We watched our queen the sun bring in this day as we listened to Xavier Rudd sing Follow the Sun.

I have so much to be grateful for. The Chief Steward of the source idea for the Summit, Manuela Damant, I honour you. Getting a project of this size started is a courageous and loving act. To do it to support more Syntropy in the world is to take a stand. You are the epitome of Syntropy in all you do.

To the three time zone hosts, Paula Kensington from Sydney Australia, Celtic Goddess and Finance whiz; Manuela Damant and Colleen Reichrath-Smith (who edits Sunday Syntropy as well) for the Asia/Africa/Euro time, and Marianne Wyne from Vancouver, who held the space for the Americas. Such wholehearted, powerful women. My life is better for knowing each of you.

To the incredible Syntropic Community, many of whom participated by creating panels and sessions, dialogues and experiences. See them all here.

To those few invited guest speakers who gave up their time and lives to gift us with their wisdom and grace — all living examples of syntropy.

To those who stepped up to tech support, working in the background. Often unseen, but always the glue that keeps it all together. Nikki, Ivan, Nicole, Colleen.

To those who attended, and in doing stepped across the threshold of a Syntropic World, bringing your beauty, your generosity and your love to this work and community.

To those who have held me when I could not hold myself. My daughter. My parents. My friends.

To my love. Every second of every day I am in gratitude to you, to us, for the miracle of our connection.

To my beloved ocean and sunrises, and sand..

So much gratitude my heart is exploding.

Photo taken March 30th 2022

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