Identity and the status quo

Christine McDougall
2 min readOct 26, 2021


If our identity is wrapped in the warm blanket of keeping the status quo as it is, even if below our fear we know that transformative change is needed, we will refuse change.

Safety and security, being part of the tribe, not rocking the boat, all of these elements lead choice for the majority of people.

Playing small — the act of not boldly standing in our authority of what we hold as essential to existence — ours and others — is a choice.

To play big — to be the full voice of what we stand for — means that we care more about what we stand for than we care about what people think of us, whether we will be accepted or rejected from our tribe, whether we continue the easy path through or take a precessional turn down that road less traveled.

In my work, which is a radical change in how we do any form of human coordination and business, when I speak to audiences, I see the flicker of terror in the eyes of many.

The change asks too much. It asks us to throw away so much of what we have been told is true, so much of how we have done things for so very long. Our privileged life rests on the very structures I am challenging.

But for those few who have spent years trying to rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic, only to realise that the Titanic’s destiny is written, embracing transformative change is the only way.

Photo taken October 27th 2021

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