I do not advocate for wilful suffering

Christine McDougall
1 min readJun 14, 2024


These last few weeks of travel have been so full of meetings and movement from place to place that it feels like my body in motion has to assimilate with my being in stillness.

We have to find each other again. This will take time after I finally arrive home on Saturday morning.

Five time zone changes, and my Australian morning has been the evening in the northern hemisphere.

My daily writing, Beauty of Beginnings, has skipped a few beats.

Perfection is not my goal. After nearly six and a half years of writing, I have nothing to prove to me or anyone else about my commitment to daily writing.

The commitment is still there. Yet occasionally, even rarely, there will be a blank space and no Beauty of Beginnings because to write will be to squeeze something from nothing and suffer in the process.

I do not advocate for wilful suffering.

My vital health and self-care are priorities.

Knowing the line between not doing something out of lack of commitment and accountability or simply to tender to our essential wellbeing is to learn an important distinction.

To be a disciple unto the self is to know true discipline.

Photo Taken June 12th 2024



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