I believe..

People want to collaborate on awesome projects that support the wellbeing of Earth and all the creatures upon it but our current models are inelegant.

Our current system of governance, organisational design and legal enterprise is 417 years old and needs to be reengineered.

Our capitalist system has served its purpose. We need to create a new system that allows access, knowledge symmetry, more equitable wealth distribution, and comprehensively considerate consequence management.

I am limited in my efficiency solo. In synergistic collaboration I am more effective than would ever be possible on my own.

That the Yin voice is critical to technology. Without the Yin to the Yang humans will serve technology and technology will not serve humanity. Invite the voice of Yin (feminine) to the table or our future viability is threatened.

The act of holding space for a project to be birthed is almost always overlooked as inconsequential, rarely valued at all, and yet is one of the most significant reasons for success.

Now more than ever we need to speak up, speak truth, name violations of integrity.

We live in an age where the whistleblower is called a criminal. It is a crime to name crime.

Beautiful business is the way. When beauty is absent, in any domain, integrity too is absent.

Integrity equals beauty.

Beauty equals integrity.

A Syntropic Enterprise invokes all of these principles.

Photo taken February 9th 2016

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Christine McDougall

Committed to supporting those in business who strive to leave the world better. syntropic.world