How to complete the year and set intentions for the new year to come

Christine McDougall
5 min readDec 21, 2022


I am passionate about what I call living light. Not being burdened by the past, by any leftovers from yesterday, including broken relationships, unfinished business, an endless to-do list, emotional entanglements that need cleaning up, words that need to be spoken, offerings of forgiveness, letting stuff and people go.

Not burdened by the Sisyphean sack of rocks as I climb the forever mountain, but by a lightness of being and body, able to dance with emergence and change.

Living light is a choice. It requires action, taken persistently and deliberately, to remain light.

Before we set intentions for the new, clean space is required. Otherwise, we bring the new into a contaminated space.

Endings are a perfect time to clean house. To do the inventory of unfinished business. To let go, unburden, and create space for the new.

Here are a few ways and ideas to do that, followed by the next steps to bring intentions for the new to life.

What do you need to do to complete 2022?

When we have genuinely completed something, we are complete. We have no deficiency, no lack. We are perfect at that moment.

It is a beautiful experience. So often, we want the feeling of being complete without being able to name it. But when we are complete, we know it.

If we wish to live a life that is light and unencumbered by the past — by the chasm of the unspoken, by unresolved personal and business issues, and by trauma, we need to complete. Sometimes this process takes weeks or decades.

This is why end-of-year practices can be powerful. To complete the year.

Not to end the year but rather to complete it and, in so doing, to bless it.

From this place, we can turn to the incoming, fresh. Open of heart and mind.

What do you need to do to complete 2022?

How to complete the year and set intentions for the new year to come

Part #1.

Look back over the year.

Notice if there is any area that carries a lingering charge. For example, your body being is stirred up, and you notice anger, frustration, or a host of words that swirl inside, unexpressed.

Was there an expectation you had that fell flat, leaving you disappointed?

Did you fail to live up to your standards? Did you break promises you made to yourself?

Did you allow others to take power over your life somehow, manipulating you to do things you wish you had not done? Did you let yourself be seduced emotionally, mentally or physically? Did BS blind you?

Look for any areas where peace does not preside.

Note them all down, even those of a minor magnitude.

Part #2.

What do you need to do to restore everything you have listed down to right relationship where you are at peace?

Often this will be an inner reconciliation. Sometimes we need to have a conversation. Using tools like the Speak the Truth process can be powerful.

Many times we need to forgive. Ourselves and others. We might have expected way too much. We might not have asked clearly for what we needed and wanted.

Sometimes we cannot do anything about the other person we feel has been a perpetrator towards us. The healing has to be our own. This can take time.

Sometimes we must go, cap in hand, and ask for forgiveness. To own our lack of responsibility and accountability. To name the action.

Sometimes the situation was beyond our control. Let it go.

Many times the circumstance has to do with timing. But, in time, this, too, will pass.

Completion is liberating. It is also a commitment. It requires doing the work.

Do the work. Live light.

Part #3.

Now we have created this clean and clear space. Our emotions are at peace. Our heart is open and calm. The past is behind us. We do not look back, held back by the unfinished.

Take a moment. Even a few days or more, to be steady in completion. To anchor your feet to the earth, to be fully here, now.

Notice all the beauty around you — the little things and big. Feel the wind on your cheek. Taste the rain. Listen to your love as if for the very first time. Marvel at the ordinary. Be touched by delight. Discover laughter curling up from the darkest crevices of your being, bursting with joy. Be moved by the tragic. Cry. Dance. Feel.

Part #4.

Feel what is emerging, calling to be born, needing to have you steward its existence from idea to form.

It may be a project or a new skill to learn. It might be the next step in your project. Or a conversation arising.

It could be a place to discover, people to meet.

A gathering to create. An enterprise to build. Income to flow as a result of dedicated service.

Notice everything that arises. Ask it what it needs from you. Then, ask yourself if you are wholeheartedly committed to taking the action required.

Anything less, discard.

Choose wisely. Say yes to the deepest calling, no matter the size. Big things happen with small steps repeated. Small things can become trim tabs for change.

Interrogate the near-final list. What does not really need to be there? What needs to go first? Is something missing? Is there a truth not being told? Is a desire not a desire but a need arising from insecurity or incompletion?

Hold the final list of actions and intentions close for a few days. Allow them to fertilise. What takes seed, and what withers?

Part #5.

Stand in the clearing of your being with your intentions in hand and heart. Then, look to the future, and say yes with your entire being. An absolute YES!

Then get to the task of bringing your intentions and actions alive.

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