For our work, our effort, things are better in all domains. Real value is added to all, including the future.

In a year of the essential worker, we have been reminded of the value of caring. Of meal preparation. Of teachers and ambulance drivers. Truck drivers, farmers.

More often the lowest paid people, which demonstrates just how far humanity has lurched from an economy — care of the home — that has care as its central organising principle. Not an economy at all.

To do Syntropic work, to spend your days leaving everything better for your effort, is the foundation of any future that includes all-life.

One CEO in the USA decided to pay all of his workers, no matter their role, a minimum wage of $70,000US. Dan Price dropped his own salary to do this. His company has thrived since, 70% of his employees have paid off their debts, productivity is up. People are happy.

Our complete failure in imagination, in asking the bigger questions…like how can we support ALL human and earth thriving as we create our enterprises…our addiction to the track of make-as-much-as-you-can-and-screw-everyone-as-you-do is driving our home planet into an early grave. Oh the irony, everyone looses in the end on this path. We eat our own tails.

There is a deep satisfaction to be found in honourable Syncopic work. In cooking a meal, cleaning a home, caring for children, building a house, farming the land, nursing and doctoring people towards health.

It is time we, citizens of Spaceship Earth, flipped the pyramid on value.

Photo taken December 26th 2020

Committed to supporting those in business who strive to leave the world better.