Forgotten elements that enable a sustainable, or better, a Syntropic world

A Syntropic world aims to leave everything better than we found it.

A sustainable world, a very good step from our current practises, aims to leave everything the same. Not worse.

The efforts of the sustainability movement are largely focused on the obvious, like waste, pollution, circularity, renewable energy, over consumption, supply chain and the built environment. Again, all to be applauded.

But when whole sections of society who contribute decades of unpaid work, work that never makes it onto any account of a societies health and wellbeing, are expected to keep this up, the movement for a sustainable world is missing the ground that underpins most everything sustainable. A loving home, healthy food, and freedom from oppression and tyranny.

When men are expected to do mind numbing or dangerous work in order to keep a family alive, we do not create sustainability. In future times our current model will be considered a form of enslavement.

A world where gender is variously held to a particular role of domination or submission, where the ‘job’ is held as the sacred offering of a healthy society, even if that job removes any trace of creativity, genuine contribution, dignity, and the possibility of leaving everything better…will never a sustainable world make.

To really consider sustainability, to even dare to consider Syntropy, is to build new models that make our current economic, accounting and ‘job’ based world obsolete.

To dare to consider that every human and sentient being is unique, has intrinsic worth, and that when enabled to bring their worth to contribute to society and our future, will most always do this.

Dare, shall we, to design, create and build this world?

Photo taken July 21st, 2020

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