When something should have been considered a huge scandal in the past is now considered normal.

There are some things that definitely need to be moved off the scandal hit list.

Women’s ankles. (Or faces, hair, décolletage…)

Women’s clothing.

Men being emotional in public, especially the emotions of sadness, fear, insecurity.

Your sexual orientation and gender spectrum.

Healthy consensual sex, married or not.

The right for women to choose to become a mother or not, even if pregnant.

And there are other things that we have made so normal we do not even roll our eyes.

Political corruption.

Political secrets.

Media manipulation, lies and spin.

Fame through ridiculing others or telling BS stories, profiting off conspiracy.

Unexamined technology as the key to our glittering future.

To even consider that an elected leader is wonderful when conflicts of interest and secret relationships, or under the table deals to mates, amped up spin-doctoring, fabrications, hubris…is normal operations, is a failure of our citizenship.

Most people choose to step into a public role. The role comes with incredible scrutiny, including from those with a sole agenda of bringing the elected official down. To be in public office is to accept the scrutiny. When we have nothing to hide..let me repeat…when we have nothing to hide…there is no fear in opening the books. If we make a mistake we own it, not months or years down the track, but immediately, even if the price is high. The higher the price the more important to speak up.

Yet our ethics normalising in current times has us step over such violations of integrity that we celebrate our ‘hero’s and heroines’ for strong leadership when behind the curtain lives secrets and lies.

Integrity is a hard gig. It asks everything of us. It is rooted in humility, which is the ultimate strength. It lives in transparency.

To act with integrity in all areas of our life is a commitment. No violation. No deals. No secret plays.

And for citizens to demand nothing less, of ourselves and those who we have chosen to serve us, this is the bare minimum.

Every one of us who truly cares for a world with a future needs our own integrity council.

Photo taken October 4th 2019

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