Decolonising time

Christine McDougall
1 min readAug 14, 2021


In a recent conversation with a member of the Syntropic Community the comment was made that in a world where we have the privilege of abundance of many things, we have a scarcity of time.

This thing, time, becomes ever more precious as we age.

We might consider that our linear construct of time has become colonised by the very systems we are seeking to change.

The prevalent mythology we have been taught, one that has been drummed into our consciousness by the forces of productivity, profit, utility and ‘earning a living, ‘ is that we must fill our time usefully.

Idleness is to be avoided at all costs. Even practices like mediation have utility.

We might question to what degree we have enabled our time to be colonised?

This is not to invite apathy or indolence. Rather we might untangle our story of time from moments of unstructured timelessness.

We might question where we have split our soul to dedicate our time? Is it towards the most precious of purposes? Or have we been seduced by the colonising story?

Photo taken August 15th 2021



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