Deception, Truth and Conscious Communication — the truth will set you free, but do you have the courage?

Christine McDougall
7 min readMar 15, 2018

The central thesis of my life has been a passionate inquiry/quest into truth. At core to understand what is truth for me, and in the larger frame, to understand and integrate the Universal Truths.

I use capital T for Universal Truths, as they are the operating code of Universe, and small t for my own truth, to distinguish between the two.

A example of a Universal Truth is the principle of synergy. No examination of the parts, when considered separately, will determine the whole. We must start with the whole first. Or, 1 plus 1 plus 1 might equal 10 or 100. Buckminster Fuller committed to naming the Generalised principles of Universe — true in all cases, of which synergy was one.

A truth for me may be an action I take today that is right for me today. It may not be right for me tomorrow, or last week. Today it is my truth. I know it will be a truth for me because no single part of my being, body, psyche will have even a tiny shadow of doubt, concern, murkiness and when I have taken action around my truth there will be no residue for me on any level. I call this an absolute yes.

(As always we must consider my truth in light of my lines and levels of development and my mental health. Someone at egocentric red stage of development for example will have as their truth that it is totally OK to kill innocent people to make a point. Or someone at the amber absolute stage of development will believe that it you do not adopt their faith then hell is the only destination. A paranoid schizophrenic has no ability to determine truth. It is because of these distinctions that the subject becomes so complex. Please reference Integral Theory for the nuances of this.)

All truths at the level of self will be encompassed by Universal Truths.

This article will not address the finer distinctions between Truth and truth, as this is a complex subject worthy of a whole book. Universal Truths on their own is a very big subject likely to create strong debate.

Today we will be looking at truth and deception and how we must bring awareness to our ability to deceive as we develop conscious communication.

The etymology of the word deception is from “Middle English deceiven, from Old French deceveir, from Vulgar Latin *dēcipēre, from Latin dēcipere, to ensnare, deceive : dē-, de- + capere, to seize;”

To deceive involves the deliberate misrepresentation of the truth.
To betray implies treachery.
To mislead means to lead in the wrong direction or into error of thought or action.

In my work with conscious communication we deal with the overt situations, the obvious, observable events, AND, we look at the subtle, micro, energetic events.

Deception at the overt level is pretty easy to observe. It is at the micro level that things become tricky and one must explore with great care, for deception lies hidden, like a sleeping monster, able to rot relationship with insidious energetic poison over a long long time.

Examples: I may have an interior conversation about how I am going to take an action. I will do “X”. Many of us have had these interior conversations and make promises around doing “X” for years, even decades.
X = lose weight, get fit, eat better food, drink less, end a bad relationship, stop spending money, take the course, play more…..
When we have X be part of our ongoing interior conversation and DO NOTHING about it, then we are in self deception. Or, even worse, when we do something about it that is not really committed but allows us to believe we are really taking action — this is actually just another ploy we are playing out to deceive ourselves…. On the overt level, this deception is not easily observed. There may be signs, like overweight, heart disease, general long term unhappiness… only you really know if you have been deceiving self. Most people do not have the courage to admit that they have.

On an even more subtle level, if we say to ourselves and others that we really want a long term committed relationship, and yet we keep a half dozen mild entanglements with other people fed and watered (even if we are feeding them scraps very sporadically), then we are in both self deception and deception to others. We are deceiving ourselves by not acting with complete integrity around what we say, and what we do, and we are deceiving the others by keeping them fed and watered, even on scraps, that there is any possibility of a relationship with them no matter how remote and distant that might be.

At the most subtle level, deception deals with energy. If my energy is aligned and clean, this means that what I THINK, what I FEEL, what I EMOTE, what I SENSE, is what I say and do. Total congruence in my conscious communication.

If I say I want a long term committed relationship, and I think about having fun with 3 or 4 people, I am in self deception at a very subtle level. If I actually have 3 or 4 people I keeping dangling on a string with even the slightest intimation that there is possibility of a relationship with them, then my deception is of greater overt magnitude, but no more or less toxic.

We have all been deceived and we have all deceived.

We know what it feels to deceive. At the overt level, you lie to someone, blatantly.

Lying is also done by omission. Withholding, not speaking. This is more covert. What we will do is come up with a thousand and one very valid reasons why it is good to lie to the other, or to withhold. However, at the energetic level, we are now carrying an energetic toxic charge, a psychic free radical.

We are no longer free. Our energy is muddy and becomes heavier, and the frequency of our perception and insight is diffused. Life will slow down. Synchronicity will fail us. Our vitality will be dimmed, even to a small degree. Multiply this one little transgression of withholding or lying by 10 and we get lead boots. Everything in our life becomes harder.

The more conscious you are the harder it gets and the more this compounds. Nothing seems to work so well.

Consciousness is truth and clarity. The higher your consciousness the faster the effects of any form or level of deception will work, and the heavier the cost.

When others deceive us some part of our subconsciousness knows. The energy is not clean, and unclean energy registers in our psyche somewhere. We may not have the conscious awareness of what it is, we may not have the language, but it will have registered.

Even at the extreme micro level — the level of atoms and cells, deception registers. Imagine it like a form of pollution. The body/mind/soul may be able to cope with a very small amount, but over time the toxicity multiplies like a cancer. It is nasty nasty stuff and pollutes and destroys homes, businesses, nations.

If you recall when you were children, you knew when your parents said no to you and meant MAYBE? Just as you knew when they said no to you and meant NO! We can register this distinction from a very very early age.

Even a babe in arms has a truth discrimination meter available to them and all babies will work the weaknesses that their parents expose in themselves. We never lose this ability to pick up clean and crooked energy signals — clean being aligned and congruent, crooked being any form of untruth even on the micro level. Often as adults we do not pay attention to these subtle signals anymore, because we have replaced them with rational thoughts. Energetic signals have little physical tangible evidence and therefore do not fit the world of our rational linear brain.

Parents do know when their children are doing drugs, children really do know when their parents are not being truthful, a lover knows when their partner is betraying them, staff know when bosses are fabricating things. More often than not the reason we do not really look at the truth in our world is because, in the words of Jack Nicholson from the movie, “A Few Good Men”, “You can’t handle the truth!” And the simple fact is that most of us cannot handle it. We would rather go into denial, or pretend otherwise. We want our lives to stay safe and the same.

The fear of all that will unravel when we really take a deep breath and look at the truth is so overwhelming that most of us just don’t do it.

For years and years and years. And yet it is still there, always with you, like a nasty shadow, following you around from day to day, keeping you from being fully alive and aligned. It makes us old before our time, it robs us of our vitality, it sludges our energy.

The truth will indeed set you free… it is the only thing that ever will. Extreme truth takes courage and always starts with you. It is the road less traveled and the path least taken for the simple reason that it is hard on the human level, and incredibly joyous on the soul level. It is the path of conscious communication and the path of the Integrity Architect.

…life and freedom, or slow toxic living death….what do you choose?

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