Dare to ask big question that challenge sacred cows

In startup land there is an addiction to innovation, to finding the next bright shining thing, the unicorn.

People throw words like innovation around, as if it is the golden key, the solution to unlock wealth, fame, glory. Sometimes people think about innovation for a world with a future, but mostly people think about innovation for their own success.

Imagine for a minute that we are on the Titanic, heading to an iceberg. A giant of a thing, impossible to turn quickly, this behemoth of luxury was unquestioned for its innovation.

Now imagine that you are dedicating your life force energy innovating the parts of the Titanic. Moving things around, creating better chairs on the deck. This amazing feat of engineering the vessel for your innovation.

No one questions the vessel. The structures that are the oxygen equivalent of business, capitalism, markets, government.

We revere innovation of tinkering, but look to any challenge to the actual boat itself, capitalism, democracy as it is today, monetary systems, finance, accounting, the legal code…as some form of violation of sacred ground.

We think a digital blockchain type currency is the solution without fully understanding the problem we are hoping it will solve.

Imagine instead we humans take everything we have now, all of our innovation, all of our current technology, our passion, our synergistic genius, and apply it to the possible world, starting with a clean sheet of paper, unhooked from the air we have breathed as business-as-usual.

Imagine if we started with big questions like…

If we wanted to create a new boat that enabled all creatures and earth to thrive, what would that look like?

How would we enable people to contribute their unique skills in a way that honours multiple levels of contribution?

How would we provision for an increased wellbeing for all?

These questions and many more are the foundation questions of Syntropic World. We do not have the answers, we know we will make mistakes as we move forward, yet we dare to ask these questions.

No more trying to change the current models, we are building new boats.

Photo taken April 17th 2021

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