Complimentary Currency design

I was taught by one of the world experts on complimentary currency, Bernard Lietaer, (He passed last year). He was very clear that the key features of a complimentary currency, what we at Syntropic World would call the Pattern Integrity, needs to be the Yin to the sovereign currencies Yang.

At the least, that the complimentary currency is designed in abundance, is truly decentralised (Bitcoin is not), loses value when hoarded, and lives within a bounded community.

In addition, a complimentary currency marries an unmet need with an unused resource.

When I look at our world in a frenzy of bitcoin and crypto, I look at those people designing these currencies and I see almost all of the architects are once again from the dominant caste, the tech bro’s. No fault of their own. Often with great intentions.

However I am not sure that the impulse leading to the creation of these complimentary currencies is towards a world with a future for earth and all her creatures, or it is simply the digital version of a gold rush. Even the language of the gold rush has been adopted. To mine the currency.

If we want a better world, a world that works for earth and all her creatures, we cannot ask the same people who designed the current world to lead the play.

We do not want the arsonist to become the firefighter.

A complimentary currency, the pair to our sovereign currencies, needs to be design from the principle of Yin, carried more likely by women. That is not to exclude the Yang. But the evidence of a new level of thinking might be that we look at the designers and see a predominance of women and a minimum of men, not the other way round.

That is…if we do actually want to create complimentary currencies that genuinely lift all people, all creatures, our precious home planet, towards greater syntropy.

Photo taken April 9th 2021

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