Changing rituals

I was thinking about December the 25th this morning. Since COVID, it has changed for our family, and I am happy about this.

As a woman, and baker, Christmas Day used to be hard work. A lot of cooking, a lot of cleaning. The expense of gifts, and the waste of gifts unwanted and not needed.

I watch the world of Christianity, a world I am not a part of even though I was raised this way, and I see such bigotry, hate and archaic beliefs about the roles of women as the loudest expression of Christianity, and I want no part of that.

Rituals are built off the back of myths. I love a good myth. Yet I am going to choose my rituals and not glamorise the myth.

Bringing family together is great. Getting everyone to contribute to the day is better. Reducing gift-giving to genuinely needed or wanted gifts is even better.

Being kind to each other as a daily practice is better than Christmas. I would far prefer to see and experience that expression of Christianity and any religion than the posturing and sham that has become Christmas.

Photo taken November 24th 2022

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