One of the key elements of steward leadership is holding the shape and space for that which you are stewarding.

While this appears to be a passive role, it is entirely active, requiring deep intentionality, clarity of mind, constant scanning of the field of the enterprise and the context and field in which the enterprise exists, as well as the daily, moment to moment tuning in to what is emerging, how the enterprise needs to be progressed, and how the people need to be supported, able to bring their whole selves, and as such to enable the purpose to become manifest.

From this holding shape and space we steward leaders need to take a break. Often it is only when we stop, when we can step back from the space and shape holding, do we realise the energetic cost.

This has been my experience this week. Swamped with a deep fatigue that was not evident in any way until stopping.

A happy delighted fatigue. A fatigue to surrender to fully. Sleep when tiredness is present, read fiction, watch uncomplicated filler movies.

Like Yoda, or Grogu (Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian) the act of holding space, moving things with intention, has a cost.

Rest is essential. Deep, restorative, time out, time

Photo taken December 17th 2020

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