A bad justification: others are doing it and getting away with it

Christine McDougall
1 min readSep 10, 2021


Perhaps we might begin with ethics and morals? Integrity?

The precessional effects? (Side effects)

Just because others are doing it..getting away with pillage, taking from the public purse, not paying tax, not picking up trash, treating people as commodities to be exploited…does not make it a justification.

It places the choice maker in the category of stepping into the steady slide of little atrocities. There is only one way that goes if left unchecked. A little atrocity, seemingly innocuous, becomes a big atrocity. And because of the steady decline, those who have said yes to the little atrocity find themselves, by surprise, the committers of major atrocities. The slowly cooked frog syndrome.

Integrity as a way of being isn’t based on context or circumstance. It is not a game to be played when it suits.

Integrity is a moment-by-moment choice.

We get the world of cheats and spin doctors because we said the little atrocity was OK.

Photo taken September 10th 2021

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