To be diagnosed with a terminal condition creates a dilemma.

People have recovered from a terminal diagnosis and gone on to live years and decades beyond the diagnosis.

We must hold a possibility.

The truth is we all die. The time and circumstances are almost always beyond our control.

To be prepared for our own death, to have our personal details in order, to consider those who will be left to manage our affairs, is simply to be wise and respectful, no matter our age or condition.

To accept the current condition as it is, holding possibility for a change…

Polarity is required for existence. Without polarity we have the singularity, the zero point.

Too much negative charge and we will get an explosion. Too much positive charge and we will get collapse into an amorphous undifferentiated mess.

In our current world of amplified negatively charged polarity mini explosions are occurring all around us.

Nastiness from drivers on the road. Anger in the streets. Violent protests. Bullying. Trolling on social media.


If we participate in any form in the amplification of negative charge we are part of the problem.

It is a game, with a set of people and…

At the moment of inception an idea, a molecule, an atom, a word, a Universe, carries the Pattern Integrity of its being.

No matter our desires, the use of will, domination, power over…the Pattern Integrity remains somewhere, even in a wasteland of destruction.

The seed needs that small amount of soil, sun and water to have it sprout, even after years of lying dormant.

A more beautiful world that our heart knows is possible needs new words, new language, new models. …

There has to be a fractal pattern within us in order for words or actions to trigger a response or reaction.

Our lizard instinct kicks in — developed over years of defence and protection. We strike out. Put up walls. Harden ourselves.

To no longer react the fractal pattern needs to be removed. Before it can be removed it needs to be seen for what it is.

I see you. I see your story, created over time, to defend against the bully. To protect against the feeling of being outcast. Ignored. Not enough.

This morning I witnessed one of my…

To realise this, to know that what I throw away — be that words, rubbish, clothing, chemicals — goes to my neighbour.

I am your neighbour.

The fish are my neighbour. The birds, my neighbours.

You are my neighbour.

If we say it is perfectly acceptable that large celebrated companies get away with throwing things downstream, if these companies earn us returns on our invested capital, yet point to our neighbour’s transgressions as a despicable act, we are the hypocrites.

There is more potential for human and life flourishing in ensuring no one suffers in our success as humans in…

It is a simple statement. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

If we unpack this statement it says something that is incredibly inconvenient to many of us.

To honour this statement means we become vigilant to our own hypocrisy.

We point the finger at another’s behaviour at our peril. Ask where that behaviour lives in us.

When considering partnerships, words are not where substance lives. It is consistent action over time. Someone who fluently betrays another once will do it again, without batting an eye.

If we want respect, be respectful. If we want truth, speak…

Listening to the audiobook, Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer (exquisite) while reading Peter Kingsley’s just released, The Book of Life, (challenging) writing this with the ocean as my view, sitting beside my love whom I met where I write…

For all of our arrogance we know so little. We might be ‘technologically’ advanced, although, from the lens of a mycelial network, that is debatable. Yet we think nothing of dumping the nuclear runoff from the Fukushima disaster in our oceans, as if the ocean is not us, and we are not it..

The intersecting swirl of what I am…

Serve self, serve the short-term.

Or serve others, serve the long-term.

The principle of precession, where natures side effect is often the main effect, where a honey gathering bee accidentally pollinates and creates life on earth, not by plan but as the side effect, suggests that if we serve others and the long-term, we might precessionally serve ourselves and the short-term.

The precession of serving self and the short-term is there might not be a long-term.

We can have both, but only if we put service to the whole and the long-term as our primary focus.

Photo taken September 19th 2021

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The light from the sun, offered freely. Clean air. Water to drink. The beauty of birds singing. The cool breeze. All gifts.

When we forget the gifts of our beautiful home planet, when we put a paywall between them and our nourishment and receipt, when we trash our earth, oceans and forests, we forget what it means to give and receive.

When a gift is offered in the pure intent of a generous and abundant universe, the recipient, by accepting the gift, is invited into a circle of life and creation.

To take without honouring this sacred spiral of life…

So much is stolen from us by those elected to represent us when we are not looking because we are simply struggling to stay alive.

The deep-seated scarcity-based economics, winner-takes-all, property rights, private school elitism, works for power and its maintenance.

It lives in the cultural archetype of patriarchy, still so deeply embedded in our current geopolitics that those in power are not only blind to its existence, they profit righteousness from its maintenance.

To keep the people down, barely able to make ends meet, works for power accumulation.

Until it does not.

When we the people realise we have…

Christine McDougall

Committed to supporting those in business who strive to leave the world better.

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