The current government of Australia is resisting an Integrity commission that would ensure politicians are not above the scrutiny of an independent body.

Asymmetrical power and access to advanced information are corrupting, even for the best of us.

The aged old story of the slow steady infection of corruption is the basis of our pop culture.

We all need our own self protection from our self corruption. This is the purpose of an Integrity Council.

We also need to define our personal code of conduct.

What is the line we will not cross?

When tested, can we trust ourselves?

The bargain is easy, to slip across that line. The consequence is a small incremental path to corruption, and the hubris of not even knowing we are there.

Photo taken November 27th 2021

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To push an idea, a person, a team…might be necessary. Yet it is unsustainable in the long term.

The burden of creation and success lives in constant pushing, and in the process removes the intrinsic desire of people to be self-generating towards the future being created.

Pushing as a regular…

Does technology serve humanity? Or does humanity serve technology?

A tool should be synergistic and syntropic. In other words, by using the tool people should be enriched.

If we take a tech tool and add it into a family, and it has the family become less family, less connected, then…

We all have confirmation bias

We need to all admit that we have confirmation bias + have been infected by some form of propaganda.

We believe, falsely, that it is the other person under the spell.

This assumption immediately sets the stage for division and polarisation.

Change will never happen when we begin from the place that it is not me who has been infected, I do not have confirmation bias.

To realise that we are all under some spell, that we have all biases, we might then be open to learning, understanding, opening our minds and listening.

Photo taken November 23rd 2021

#worldwithafuture #businessreimagined #syntropicworld #syntropicenterprise #syntropy #newbusinessmodels

Everything has an effect. Each step, each breath, each action.

The effect occurs at 90 degrees to the direction of the action taken. Drop a stone into a pond and we get ripples.

Bucky Fuller called this precession.

Decide to focus on the short term, win the next election, get…

Fear makes people wobbly, doing strange, out-of-character things.

Fear can also bring forth the shadow elements of us, elements we may not see in ourselves.

Our own fear can be a powerful reflection pool, the opportunity for us to look deep into our fear and inquire as to its truthful…

Christine McDougall

Committed to supporting those in business who strive to leave the world better.

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