To feel the cold water in the dawn light, a cloudless sky and calm sea. Dolphins swimming nearby.

Surfing the wave. Until the chill in my bones says stop. The chill, the sun, the dawn, my love, joy, beauty…so lucky.

The hum of business at our coffee shop. Sun warming cold. Hot coffee.

Tunes playing — Alive — Empire of the Sun. Singing the feeling I have, a perfect synchronicity.

My love in life, adventure, play..beside me.

Wanting for nothing, soaked in everything. Blessed.

Drowning in gratitude. Knowing at the same time that all around me are people who are missing the moment.

Photo taken October 17th 2021

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I apprentice to the ocean. To the tawny frogmouth wooting in the tree outside my window.

To the sunrise, each day so beautiful, so unique, so consistent.

The ocean teaches me humility. She can carry me on a board, and toss me like a toothpick. She is clear and clean…

To stand on principle, values and the consequences for others is not the same as refusing to be told what we can or cannot do.

To protest war because you believe war is morally wrong is not the same as to protest because you refuse active service or participation in defence of place as a citizen.

To believe that freedom is your right to decide to do whatever you like is to deny the same freedom and right to others.

We are a world confused about what freedom actually means.

If my actions will endanger others, is this a barrier to my liberty, or is this how we live in community?

Photo taken October 15th 2021

#worldwithafuture #businessreimagined #syntropicworld #syntropicenterprise #syntropy #newbusinessmodels #businessandsustainability #regenerativeenterprise #buckminsterfuller

#humancoordination #emergentstrategy

I want to talk about ethics and integrity because it terrifies me to see so many people completely ignore serious transgressions by leaders in public office, and to make saints of those who are clearly in violation of transparency and integrity.

While I recently wrote a piece for Beauty of…

Somewhere in the night I was thinking about love, remembering a love of my younger years.

If I could describe it, there were hooks in the love. A neediness and wanting that brought in a wobble to the purity of what I know love to be now.

If I go…

The moment we refuse to stay current we become entropic.

The problem is that our elected officials, those we have voted to make decisions about our future, have almost no capacity to make good decisions because they are blindfold in the dark about the existing and emerging technologies and their…

Jumping in puddles. Children know the joy of small things. A box becomes a castle.

Imagination is an extraordinary thing. It takes an empty canvas and paints majestically.

It holds possibility in the dark places.

Our current education seeks to cut the supply of imagination off, turning the field of infinite possibility into linear progressions of strategic planning.

Run in the rain. Jump in puddles. Blow bubbles. Sing with abandon.

Joy is the doorway to imagination, and imagination holds the key to a world with a future for Earth and all her creatures.

Photo taken October 11th 2019

#worldwithafuture #businessreimagined #syntropicworld #syntropicenterprise #syntropy #newbusinessmodels #businessandsustainability #regenerativeenterprise #buckminsterfuller

#humancoordination #emergentstrategy

I was raised in a middle-class Australian Liberal (Conservative) family. My tertiary education at that time was at no cost. A Labour Prime Minister had supported tertiary education accessible to all, creating the backbone of potential for a country growing up. …

It is worth being aware of our own process of changing our minds.

The world is torn apart by conspiracy, untethered narratives, lies, crazy world views.

Becoming a better sense-maker is one of the most significant skills we can cultivate.

What does it take to change your mind?

  1. Are you…

Is so easy to do. Blame others. Distract. Create a new drama.

Taking responsibility is a grown-up act.

It lives in a field where we can accept our own failure, poor choices, lack of consideration. Where we are open to learning, being better.

Where we know how to say sorry and mean it.

In taking responsibility we accept the punishment. In current times that means the nastiness of the press, media, bullies and trolls. They will be there, mistakes owned or not.

To pass the buck, to blame others, makes us victims. This is a steady erosion of our own true power.

Being responsible, taking responsibility is self freedom.

Few people crying for freedom truly know this kind of freedom.

Photo taken October 10th 2021

#worldwithafuture #businessreimagined #syntropicworld #syntropicenterprise #syntropy #newbusinessmodels #businessandsustainability #regenerativeenterprise #buckminsterfuller

#humancoordination #emergentstrategy

Christine McDougall

Committed to supporting those in business who strive to leave the world better.

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