To stand in our authority is to stand in our authorship. Our ability to author. To create. To have sovereign choice about our responses to circumstances.

We have conflated authority into a power-over position. “They” have power over us or me.

Power in politics for example thrives from keeping people…

This day in Australia is supposed to be a day to celebrate being Australian.

But the date has been chosen by a colonial history that attempted to eradicate the first peoples of the land.

So many people and organisations now refuse to recognise the day, while the government of the…

Swirling emotions, life challenging, stress rising.

Aware of my mind not being with me, rather somewhere out there in some distant place.

I nearly ran a red light. Missed the turn off.

Early signs. Thankfully heeded.

We need to know the places and spaces we go easily to reset. To dust off accumulated challenges and emotions.

To find our feet, centre our being.

Get back to here, now.

Bare feet in sand. Body in ocean. Eyes filled with dawn light. Finding beauty. Seeing beauty so obvious but unnoticed when we are distracted.

A deep breath. Laughter for no reason.


Tears, just because they are just below the surface, not needing justification or defence.

Release and reset.

Know your way back to self.

Photo taken January 25th 2022

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As the temperature rises in the global South, to peak summer,

I think of the world. Babies born. Weddings had. Funerals happening. Another birthday done.


Crazy. Stunning. Challenging. Hard. Joyous. Mysterious.


Amid the noise of chaos, the seeds of hope might be found.

Young leaders rising. Standing in…

There are rainbows and there are rainbows. This one was perfect. The arch going strongly from start to finish.

Alive for such a short moment of time.

Yet even a partial rainbow is a delight to behold, reminding us of natures magnificence.

I reflected on perfection as I was blessed…

There are current topics that are landmines to even begin to discuss. Many of them we know of, as we might have stepped into the minefield either inadvertently, or deliberately, and experienced the anger, divisiveness, and oftentimes outright rage.

Our families and friendship groups have been divided, even fractured. Differences…

To trust in a higher order beyond the limits of the human provides a measure of solace in a world where those who break the backs of others to win their game are seemingly rewarded for their accumulated spoils.

A clock that only works with the rhythm of the heavens.

Christine McDougall

Committed to supporting those in business who strive to leave the world better.

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